Public Sector, Charity and Not for Profit Pensions Advice

With so much attention on the benefits and costs of charity pension schemes there has never been a greater need for focused and accessible pension advice.

Spence Public Sector Charity and Not for Profit Architecture
A unique environment calls for specialist third sector pensions support offered by those who understand and have experience within this sector.

David Davison is the Head of Public Sector, Charity and Not for Profit services and is the main point of contact to chief executives, finance directors / controllers and charity or pension scheme trustees who require expert pension advice and insight.

“Bespoke calculations and modelling tools enhance decision making and communications to staff and stakeholders”

David has bespoke calculation and modelling tools at his disposal to equip organisations with the right information, enhancing the decision making process and making communication with staff and stakeholders more straightforward.

Supporting the sponsoring employer or trustee of the pension scheme, tailored pensions support is provided to public sector bodies, non-departmental government bodies and quangos, as well as third sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Our advisory services cover a number of scheme types:

  • Stand-alone pension schemes
  • Public sector pension schemes including Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS)
  • Multi-employer pension schemes including those operated by the Pensions Trust

We seek to be at the forefront of industry development providing a regular commentary on the pension issues affecting the sector in our popular Blog – “Making Sense of Pensions”, in leading publications Civil Society, Charity Times, Third Force News as well as in other professional and sector specific publications such as provided by ICAS & Charity Finance Group (CFG).

We also publish a regular LGPS Bulletin for LGPS Admitted Bodies.

Contact David to discuss your pension scheme options and how recent changes might have affected or could potentially affect your organisation, your pension provision and your pension scheme members.