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David Davison

Delaying decision-making to a later date is something that most company directors have probably spent much of their working lives battling against but, nevertheless, as the end of their own careers approach, it may be in many senior executives’ best interests to embrace this alien strategy, at least insofar as their pension arrangements are concerned.

Company directors and senior employees who are due to take benefits, or who opt to defer drawing any planned pension benefits until, after April 2006 could reap a financial reward as a result of the Governments pensions simplification legislation. Read more »

Brian Spence

The words ‘simple’ and ‘pension’ rarely sit well together. Indeed it is the government’s view that it is the level of complexity inherent in buying a pension which prevents people from saving adequately for their retirement.

Whilst there is undoubtedly some truth in this, it is far from the whole story. Pensions just aren’t ‘sexy’ and, at a time when young people in particular have other drains on their finances, such as mortgages, and when many have suffered from poor investment returns, pensions tend to take a back seat. Read more »

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