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Brian Spence

The new notifiable events regulations introduced as part of the Pensions Act 2004 and effective from 30th June 2005 could have a significant impact on all those involved in corporate transactions. The regulations require not only the trustees of Pension Protection Fund-eligible pension schemes to notify the Pensions Regulator (PR) of certain events, but also, in certain circumstances sponsoring employers. Read more »

Brian Spence

The introduction of new pensions legislation this year seems only to bring good news and opportunities for those insolvency practitioners who are prepared to become involved.

The first bit of welcome news is that following the introduction of Pensions Act 2004 from April 2005 Insolvency Practitioners no longer need to make a statutory appointment of an Independent Pension Trustee to the pension scheme. This move could result in IP’s taking even less of an interest in pension issues however to adopt this approach is not without risk and to do so I believe is to miss out on significant new opportunities. Read more »

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