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Brian Spence

“Pulp Pensions”

The recent popularity of time travelling dramas like Life on Mars, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval have been bringing back nostalgic memories but for some of us we’ve recently had a more unwelcome time-travelling experience.

Pensions equalisation was something that most scheme administrators thought had been put to bed by the time of the Coloroll judgement in 1994. Most schemes felt comfortable about how they had addressed the issue and that the amount of benefits they were paying out for their members complied with the legal requirements. Read more »

David Davison

There has been much written recently about the potential pitfalls of so called ‘inducement exercises.’ Whilst some of the concerns are valid I believe that provided those participating take the time to understand the recent regulatory guidance and the roles of various parties in the process then the risks are lower and more manageable than they might appear at first glance.  Read more »

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