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David Davison

I noticed the announcement last week that the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Pension Scheme (“SFHAPS”) has been renamed the Scottish Housing Association Pension Scheme (“SHAPS”).

I’m sure the strategic removal of the “F” from the acronym will re-assure members about why their pension scheme unding has allen from just below eighty-ive percent to less than sixty-ive percent in 3 years and less than ifty percent on the PP(F) basis!! Read more »

David Davison

I’ve seen a number of exercises recently which have looked to model potential scheme mortality costs in relation to the quality of health of the scheme membership. The rationale is that certain employers may have a workforce which is likely to be in poorer health and therefore have a lower life expectancy than might be assumed as ‘standard’. This can then be used as a basis to adjust the mortality assumptions and therefore reduce liabilities, deficit and ultimately costs.

Whilst the results of these exercises are often illuminating I would seek to add a note of caution to the process and those considering such a review need to consider the positives and negatives. Read more »

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