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John Griffin

None of the above has had a great press recently.

Take Diane Abbott – if you dare.  Diane was this country’s first black woman MP and has a reputation of being a bit of a maverick – in other words, she often says things worth listening to and doesn’t always toe the party line.  Given that she’s been an MP for almost 25 years it was surprising that she made a bit of a faux pas recently by claiming that “white people” liked to play “divide and rule”.  Read more »

John Griffin

There has been much chatter in recent days about the Government’s effort to crack down on excessive boardroom pay.  Coincidentally (or conveniently?), we’re also approaching the annual bonus season at the big banks.  Now, I’m not suggesting that the inevitably lower banker bonuses will be claimed by the Government as evidence that it has found a way to tame the excesses of executive pay, however … Read more »

David Davison

My wife kindly bought me a great stocking filler book for Christmas called “Universally Challenged” which lists some of the most bizarre answers people give when competing on TV quiz shows.

A few examples were:-                          

Q: In books written in English each line is printed and read starting at which side of the page?

A: The right

Q: What ‘T’ are people who live in a house paying rent to a landlord?

A: Terrorists

Q: What was Ghandhi’s first name?

A: Goosey

Now there’s little doubt that the incentive of all that cash, the pressure of being under the studio lights and the inquisitorial gaze of the likes of Anne Robinson and Jeremy Paxton, not to mention Vernon Kaye, Bradley Walsh and Jamie Theakston induces a high level of panic, not to mention complete brain freeze in some cases.

I’m not sure however what excuse some people have for giving the answers they have when they’ve had lots of time to think about them.

Unfortunately the DWP provided a similarly disappointing answer for many charities in the results of their consultation on Employer Debt Read more »

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