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Neil Copeland

1988 and all that

1988. Lawrie Sanchez scored the winner as the Wimbledon Crazy Gang beat the then League Champions Liverpool in the FA Cup final, Phil Collins topped the charts with A Groovy Kind of Love and teenage boys everywhere were confused by their adolescent hormones generating an unhealthy interest in a cartoon Rabbit called Jessica. It was indeed the best of times and it was indeed the worst of times.

The Tories were in power, then as now, and believed in individual freedom and individual choice. You could choose to buy your council house, choose to get on your bike and, thanks to a reform introduced that year, choose not to join your employers pension scheme and instead take out a bright new shiny personal pension. Read more »

Valerie Hartley

The hallmark of good pension scheme governance is a pension fund whose affairs are managed robustly, seamlessly and effectively, with appropriate controls, free of abuse and with due regard for the law.

Just as medical check-ups make sense for the human body, occupational pension schemes, both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) also need regular Read more »

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