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Alan Collins

Now that some of the dust has settled from the Government’s long-anticipated launch of their white paper on state pension reform, the implications for employers may be far reaching and may act as a catalyst for further changes in employees’ benefit packages. So, what will this change mean for employers? Read more »

Kevin Burge

Well, according to Michael Johnson a research fellow at the think tank the Centre for Policy Studies pensions will cease to exist by 2050.

His argument seems to be based around the fact that pensions are a long term investment and as such young people cannot connect with them. He goes onto say that the 24 to 35 year olds should be encouraged to invest into ISA’s and then can dip into them when they need some cash. Read more »

Alan Collins

The ONS consultation on inflation will not, against expectations, result in any major change to the calculation of RPI.  Instead , yet another measure of inflation will be created.  It will take time before we see what the new index will mean and where it will be used.  This will no doubt lead to further confusion as to what inflation actually means, as it would appear we will now have (at least) three ways of measuring it. Read more »

Alan Collins

This article by Alan Collins was first published in the Herald Scotland on the 4th of January 2013.

All the fanfare surrounding the Government’s auto-enrolment pension legislation when phase one was launched last October may have understandably caused some worry and consternation amongst the UK’s SME community.

Given the multi-phased stages of the new legislation, the leaders of small to mid-sized firms – which make up the backbone of the UK economy – would be forgiven for feeling a bit out of touch when the likes of Theo Paphitis and other high profile figures proclaimed ‘I’m in’ on a series of Government TV adverts aired in advance of the launch.  In actual fact, there is still a long way to go before auto-enrolment will impact on most SMEs. Read more »

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