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David Davison

I’d been asked to draft some thoughts on the current, and likely future, state of public sector pensions for The Scotsman which I did in an article on the 4th April- Time Turned on Pension Attitude. Not surprisingly (well it was of little surprise to me at least) that the article received a prompt rebuttal from a leading trade unionist, Dave Watson of Unison, denying that any problem exists with public sector pensions – Contrary to Popular Belief Pension Costs are Falling.

This is undoubtedly the problem with raising the spectre of public sector pensions as it completely polarises opinion between those affected and those who are not and raises strong emotions on both sides. I could feel the irked indignation from Mr Watson in every keystroke. Read more »

John Griffin

Now that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is no more, it is likely that it will mainly be remembered for one thing: presiding over the near-meltdown of the UK’s banking system.  It didn’t rein in the banks, and arguably even encouraged the explosion in the City in the mid 2000s, with its feather-light touch approach to regulation.  To be fair, though, none of the so-called regulators around the world came out of the crisis (if, indeed, we are out of it) smelling of roses. Read more »

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