A Trustee’s view of GMP equalisation explained to PMI TV

David Davison

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Brian Spence, Independent Trustee for Dalriada Trustees, talks to PMI TV about GMP equalisation.

As the PPF and FAS bring this issue to the fore Brian explains what it really means and why he thinks, unlike many in the industry, it is not as complicated as some believe. The complexity often lies in the reluctance until now to begin the process and the need to rectify historical pension scheme data.

Brian’s message is for trustees to take appropriate advice from actuaries and lawyers, discover the issues and take the first steps to making all things equal. Brian warns however, the often unpredictable state of historical pension data might hinder the process presenting a perfect opportunity for a cleanup operation to run alongside.

David Davison

Post by David Davison

Specialist consultant on pensions strategy for corporate, public sector and not for profit employers