Finances and Divorce – advice on the division of marital assets

Ian Conlon

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Going through a divorce is a stressful time for all concerned and there are many factors to consider. The division of marital assets is often the cause for the most friction. There are however several places to find help and advice on how this process can be made easier for all.

Pensions must be taken into account in divorce proceedings as they can represent a significant financial asset. A divorce often means a decision on how the pension benefit one or both parties must be divided must be made.  The calculations can be complex and the sharing method can also have an impact on the value to be shared.

The family home can represent the largest joint asset and placed in the theatre of divorce is often an emotive subject. This gives a good run down of what might happen to the marital home and easy to follow advice in question and answer form.

The divorce of a business’s founder can have a dramatic and dreadful effect – not just through the distress and distraction for those involved, but particularly through the cost of the final settlement – possibly necessitating the sale of some or all of the business to finance it. This explains the impact divorce proceedings can have on the business owner and the business future.

There are many financial products and vehicles used to invest or hold money securely. The rules surrounding these products can be complex and divorce can see these complications increase. This will give an insight into the ways these assets might be dealt with in the course of divorce proceedings.

Ian Conlon Actuary