McGrigors Pension Trustees Limited – Whats in a name?

Brian Spence

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At the same time as they moved from their long established headquarters at Pacific House, leading Glasgow law firm McGrigors have changed the name of their pension scheme trustee company from Scotia Pacific Trustees Limited to McGrigors Pension Trustees Limited.  The company says it is doing so “to reflect more clearly the nature of the company’s activities, and the link to McGrigors LLP.”

They say that they “believe that experienced pension lawyers are ideally placed to act as pension scheme trustees.”  Hmm not sure this follows 100% of the time but we have substantial experience of working with the team at Scotia, sorry McGrigors and they are good pension scheme trustees and we have been happy to introduce them to our clients.

Good luck to the McGrigors Pension Trustees team with the name change!

Brian Spence

Post by Brian Spence

Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries in Ireland, scheme actuary, professional pension trustee