Pension Protection Fund launch revamped website

Rebecca Lavender

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The Pension Protection Fund has launched a new and improved website. New colour scheme and bigger, brighter design aside, the main changes include dedicated user areas and search facilities within the new document library and Frequently Asked Question sections.

The new “role pages” give each category of user an area specific to that users needs displaying information relevant to how they interact or relate to the PPF. The member area will continue to provide online versions of the current PPF information leaflets although one disappointing discovery is that the link to the PPF member site directs you back to the previous design.

Despite the inconsistencies the document library is a welcome addition providing a comprehensive search function with drop down boxes giving some clues to what information is available from the archives.

All previous sections are still in place with more emphasis on providing each particular audience with easy access to relevant information. This is reflected in the new email update system where users can choose to receive updates only relating to the topics they are interested in. The current mailing list is being used for the next month but to continue receiving updates everyone must re-subscribe to the service.

As an industry pensions has occasionally lagged behind in embracing the capabilities of modern communication channels, with only a few visionaries blazing the trail for the rest to eventually shuffle behind among the cinders. The new PPF website is not revolutionary or visionary but intuitive navigation and user friendly format are a step forward in providing good information to the right people at the right time.