The Pensions World Cup

Chris Roberts

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As our company has expanded, along with my waistline, I began to wonder if I should use the increased player pool to organise a “friendly” game of inter-company football.

This was 2013, having discussed the potential ramifications and restrictions of such a venture with Human Resources, this was put on ice for some time.  Having had a fairly lengthy Sunday League career the lists of ‘Do Not’s’ appeared rather daunting, and nullified most of my footballing assets.  Fast forward to 2014, as the company expanded further (along with my waistline again!) and the World Cup approached it seemed like time to resurrect it again.

I discussed this with Barnett Waddingham who graciously accepted our challenge, the date was set.  Whilst Brazil prepared to take on Mexico in the Maracana, we limbered up for the battle for pensions supremacy in the footballing world at Powerleague Glasgow.  That does sound like winning best turned out at a donkey derby, but regardless losing was not an option.  Having chosen a day when Glasgow was in fact (an actual, not an exaggerated fact) hotter than the Maracana my inspired managerial decision of kitting the team out in all black to intimidate the opponents a la New Zealand, was met with some resentment.  With the marketing team kindly offering to procure Spence branded salmon pink tops, I am not sure my team fully understood the position.

The game was played in great spirits and I am pleased to report Spence & Partners won a thriller 9-8, after a spirited late Barnett Waddingham fight back.  After a friendly post match drink, we all agreed that a rematch was essential and my fledging managerial career will continue apace.  If any local companies wish to take on the Spence Machine, my contact details are below……..