Why I think you should vote! Yes even you!

Jill Michael

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Politics affects everything!

The United Kingdom General Election will be held on 7 May 2015 to elect the 56th parliament of the United Kingdom. Voting will also take place in all parliamentary constituencies of the United Kingdom to elect MPs.

If you live in this world then politics affects you, here is my very simple explanation!

If you work, you pay taxes, and have a right to a company pension, this is controlled and views on this vary from party to party.

If you don’t work, you may have a claim to benefits, the amount and criteria of which also vary from party to party.

If you are an employee you are protected and affected by employment legislation, amendments to this, changes to pension legislation and what is implemented vary from party to party.

If you are an employer, you are governed by employment legislation, amendments to this, corporation tax, pensions, support to small, medium large organisations vary in focus from party to party.

If you have children, well the list is endless, benefits, childcare, education, school selection, healthcare, immunisations, maternity/paternity/parental leave, taxes.. again the views and policies on this vary between parties.

If you walk, drive, take public transport, again the list is endless, annoyed about prices of rail/bus fares/fuel, potholes in the roads, safety when walking, speed zones, police presence, car tax etc., again the importance of which is prioritised differently dependent on party.

If you eat, healthy living initiatives,  funded sports events like couch to 5k, tax on food, inflation rates, cost of living differentials, all of which are handled differently by each party.

If you spend money, the influence of the European Union, the Euro Zone, strength of the pound, interchangeable exchange rates, all will be handled differently and governed dependent on the party.

If you are in need of NHS, or other support services, the budgetary decisions, targets for GPs, longer opening hours,  heath care initiatives, Emergency waiting times, all of which will be prioritised differently dependent on the party.

If you live in this country, work, don’t work, have children, don’t have children, eat, spend money, use the NHS, are an employee, or an employer, then politics affects you and your vote matters.

If your bin is full of the party leaflets, you are sick of the posters, party political broadcasts, knocks on the door interrupting your favourite programme, my advice to you is this. Have a think about what concerns you the most, what party has a similar view to you on those concerns and instigate a change and vote!

As employers there is no intervention here as individual’s political views are their political views, the polling booths are open from 7am – 10pm so no requirement for offering flexible working, the manifestos are all out there for all to read there is no onus on you as an employer to advise or not advise.  The decision is  for you, to vote or not to vote…

September 18th 2014 saw politics become alive and impassioned by the referendum on Scottish independence…surely this passion should be continued with all of the above areas that affect all of us daily.

Lets Vote…lets see what parties, individuals, the country really wants elected by instigating a high voting attendance!