Your July Quarterly Pensions Update

Andrew Kerrin

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On this summer lunchtime in July, as blue skies backdrop the birds flying by the Spence office windows, and tourists bustle by on the streets below, I’ve found myself looking for inspiration for an introduction for this quarter’s pension update. Yet, I needn’t have looked far. Classic lyrics from The Byrds, that have been stuck in my head for a few days now, might just do the trick.

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven.”

As another season has turned, another quarter has passed in the pensions world. Now, it may have been tough to keep up to date with every twist and turn that happened as spring turned to summer. So we’ve pulled together some of the most relevant topics from the last quarter, so you too can stay informed by just turn, turn, turning the pages of our latest Quarterly Update.

The seasonal topics of this quarter include:

• The Pensions Regulator’s latest annual funding statement;
• Responses to various consultations, including DWP’s Green Paper, and
• Musings on the General Election
• Thoughts on the investment market from our Head of Investment; and
• A significant decision on equality from the Supreme Court.

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