Better defined benefit (DB) scheme management

Spence has developed an approach that is completely changing the way pension schemes are run.

The Spence Approach combines cutting edge technology with tailored expert advice to deliver:

  • An end to uncertainty
  • Easy scheme management
  • Great service for scheme members
  • Cost control
  • First class security
  • The flexibility to run your scheme the way you want to

Information at your fingertips

Say goodbye to multiple systems and add-ons with a single online platform to manage your scheme.

  • Fully automated administration calculations
  • Daily actuarial valuation based on live scheme data
  • Asset and liability trackers based on real-time data

Click here to demo the scheme management platform and see how accessible and insightful it is.

To discuss in more detail how Spence can help you manage your scheme in a more effective way, call us today.

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“Spence & Partners’ combination of technology and advice gives smaller schemes a service usually reserved for those with much larger budgets”
UK Pensions Awards Judge