Getting a little extra help with FRS102

by David Davison   •  
With many charities now facing full balance sheet disclosure of their multi-employer pension scheme liabilities for the very first time trying to get a handle on the potential impact can be daunting. We’ve already put together a guide for charities in these schemes which explains the technical details and the key choices charity FD’s are likely to face. In addition we’ve designed a FRS102 liability calculator which will allow organisations to enter their deficit recovery contributions and recovery period and obtain an estimate of the net present value figure they’ll be likely to have to include on their balance sheet. Based upon this the calculator will also provide a proxy figure for a full disclosure equivalent to that calculated currently derived under FRS17. From this charities should be able to see the potential financial impact and begin to consider if steps need to be taken to protect the balance sheet position. For some the steps could be relatively straightforward however for others, particularly those where this change could have a material impact, and potentially even result in a negative balance sheet, more bespoke action could be required and planning needs to begin early to consider all the alternatives. The calculator will allow multiple calculations to be carried out, saved and printed and we hope it will provide access to a valuable resource for charities to better understand their obligations.

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