North of England Zoological Society Superannuation Fund Scheme Appoints Spence & Partners

by Susan McFarlane   •  

Spence & Partners, the UK actuaries and consultants, today announced their appointment by the North of England Zoological Society Superannuation Fund Scheme for their award-winning, fully-integrated approach to DB scheme management – ‘The Spence Approach’*. 

Services to the 260 member, £23 million Scheme will include actuarial, investment and pension scheme administration. Alan Collins, Head of Trustee Advisory Services at Spence commented: “Scheme funding levels have improved over recent years, so it is crucial for trustees and advisers to work collaboratively to capitalise on the market opportunities that this presents, and to work to improve the security of benefits for members. 

I have great confidence that the services we offer will assist all parties in achieving their goals. This is an exciting and strategic appointment for Spence, as it demonstrates our growing strength in the North West of England and also shows our continued strength in providing services to the not-for-profit sector. We are very pleased to be working with the Trustees going forward.” Tom Owen, Trustee for the North of England Zoological Society Superannuation Fund Scheme commented: “We look for the personal touch, we like to build relationships and find people where we think we can work well with them, particularly in a complex area like pensions. 

It was important how our members would relate to the company appointed, and on the investment side how the Trustees would work with the company’s investment advisors.  We were clear that Spence & Partners would be a great fit for us on both counts.  One member called me on 'day one' with Spence to say that she was very impressed. She used to work directly for me, so I know this was genuine feedback.”  

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