Eoin Neeson

Eoin is an experienced Cashflow and Payments professional, working in the banking industy for 4 years, working in local and global markets, Eoin works closely with payroll and payments liaising effectively both internally and with external clients in order to deliver on agreed payments, whilst also focusing on the need to develop strong client working relationships.

Eoin’s experience as the Cashflow Administrator is the point of contact on all payments going to and from every account. Eoin understands the need for clear, concise and most importantly correct communication, not only to members, but also between advisors, trustees and the employer.

Eoin recently joined Spence having started his career as Data analyst for one of the largest banks in the world, working in markets from New York to Mumbai, working with clients and colleagues around the world. Taking that experience I am now applying it to the pension cashflows, taking into account the ingoing and outgoing payments on all accounts, while also being aware of data protection and fraud.