Pension Scheme Advice to Employers

Our Corporate Advisory Practice focuses on helping employers understand the risks and costs associated with running a pension scheme and the options available to manage and control these.

“Every employer is looking to reduce risks and control scheme costs.”

Spence Advice To Employers Staff

With the objectives of the employer in mind, specific options can be identified and decisions – and their implications – can be examined enabling informed choices to be made.

There are a number of areas where the employer can use professional pensions advice and insight to shape a future suitable for their circumstances, and for the trustees and members:

  • Understanding how your pension responsibilities impact upon the wider corporate financial picture
  • Supporting the employer in successfully negotiating sustainable funding and cost levels with the trustee
  • Identify suitable exercises to reduce cost, risk and volatility
  • Visual software tools to illustrate options and implications of potential changes and decisions
  • Deep expertise in both defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes.

If you would like to discuss the options available get in touch with David Davison, Head of the Corporate Advisory Practice.

David works with corporate clients across various industry sectors and is a regular commentator in both pensions and the wider business press.