Rachel Graham: Placement student 2009, Graduate recruit 2011

I was one of the first students to graduate from the Actuarial Science and Risk Management degree at Queen’s University Belfast in 2011. My third year of study required students to gain exposure in an actuarial working environment and I was fortunate enough to secure my placement year at Spence.

During my time there I was involved in a variety of actuarial tasks and from day one was contributing to proper actuarial work. I had guidance and support along the way and everyone at Spence was always willing to answer any questions and made me feel at home from the very beginning.

I gained so much from my placement experience and it confirmed for me that the actuarial profession was where I saw my future.

Since returning to Spence as a graduate in August 2011 I have developed my professional skills and knowledge as a result of the variety of work I have had the opportunity to be involved in.

I am currently progressing through the actuarial exams and hope to qualify as an actuary in the near future. Spence provide great study support which includes subsidised study materials and tutorials, a study mentor and a bank of study days to help us achieve an appropriate work-study balance.

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience to date with Spence, my personal and professional development has been beyond my expectations. It has been exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding and I look forward to what the future at Spence holds for me.