Investment Services

Unparalleled strategy setting framework

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, our investment experts are able to deliver a new level of cost and risk reducing efficiencies to all schemes, no matter their size.

Our innovative approach focuses on three key areas:

1. An investment strategy designed around plain-English goals

We have taken complex concepts and reduced them into simple, understandable scheme specific success and failure criteria, which trustees and sponsoring employers can easily relate to i.e.:

  • Fully funded on a Technical Provisions basis in 15 years.
  • There will be no increase in contributions from those currently committed to, over a 15 year period.

2. Find your optimal asset allocations

Our Advanced Asset Liability Modelling (ALM) tool assesses the performance of thousands of candidate investment strategies based on thousands of economic scenarios, to provide a clear measure of their suitability.

We then work with you to explore multiple investment strategies to find their optimal chance of achieving scheme funding objectives.

ALM - Strategy ComparisonFull asset liability analysis on updated economic scenario data delivered quarterly.

The calculations are repeatable and delivered quarterly, which means ongoing detailed analysis can be carried out quickly at a very low cost, as part of the core services fee.

Delivering significant added-value through time and cost efficiency savings for trustees and sponsors.

3. Automated, real-time calculations through complete integration

True integration between funding and investment strategies means our modelling offers a level of validity that no other system on the market can provide. The automated modelling is based on:

  • Live scheme administration data.
  • Up to date scheme asset values.
  • Actuarial calculations to the standard of a full, triennial valuation.

CashflowDaily calculation of projected liability cashflows, which can be provided to investment managers at no additional cost.

Static written reports are replaced with interactive, live charts.

Combined with our expert advice, trustees and sponsors can now access an unparalleled framework for strategy planning and decision making. Taking it one step further to ensuring scheme’s meet their ultimate objectives.

If you would like to discuss our investment services in more detail please contact Simon Cohen, Head of Investment Consultancy.