Scheme-Specific Actuarial Advice

An end to uncertainty

Defined benefit scheme funding levels have been subject to significant volatility, occasionally presenting opportunities to “lock-in” positive results.  Our key actuarial objectives allow for such opportunities to be exploited:

  • Develop and implement a long-term funding strategy to protect the security of members’ benefits while controlling costs faced.
  • Ensure the trustees can make more informed decisions on readily available data, such as daily funding information.
We estimate that as much as 40% – 70% of the cost of a set of actuarial calculations is taken up by manually creating an appropriate dataset.

Spence has helped developed a single online platform to manage both administration and actuarial calculations. So instead of crunching numbers or manipulating data between systems; trustees, sponsors and advisers now have access to daily funding and deficit reports based on live scheme data at no additional cost above the annual administration and actuarial core fee.

Get access to actuarial valuation results within
24 hours of the valuation date

Actuarial - Deficit & unding level trackerDeficit and funding level tracker

Funding level tracker - with nozzlesAnalysis of change in funding level

what-ifAnalysis of “what-if?” scenarios

To view the reporting you can expect with Spence you can sign-up to demo our platform here.

This level of automation allows our actuaries to focus on understanding your scheme, including the sponsor’s business, the scheme risks, the investment strategy and the objectives of the trustee board. This approach to scheme actuarial support is unique to Spence, and can be applied flexibly to your scheme’s circumstances.

If you would like to discuss our actuarial services in more detail please contact Alan Collins today.

“Spence’s proposition was innovative yet simple, and from day one of their appointment. They brought ideas to the table that we had not seen before and have considerably exceeded our expectations during their time working with us.”
Andrew Stewart – Finance Director, GAP Group Limited