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Neil Copeland

Following the horrendous suffering of WWI the French were determined never again to be invaded by Germany. There was a tremendous focus on fortifying the Franco-German border. A tremendous focus on building a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapons installations between themselves and the Germans. A tremendous focus on building the impregnable Maginot Line. In 1940 the German Army simply drove around it in their tanks and conquered France in about 6 weeks. Via Belgium.

Such is the folly of focusing on the wrong thing.

There has been a lot of worthy stuff going on around DC pensions of late. Regulatory guidance, upping governance, capping charges, auto-enrolment and, especially,  pension freedom. Master trusts have a lovely new, shiny, impregnable assurance framework. You don’t have to hand your money to an insurance company any more. Read more »

John Griffin

Now that auto-enrolment is a year old, and following publicity featuring high-profile figures like Karren Brady and Theo Paphitis, even the Man On The Moon must be aware that “something” is happening in the pensions world.  So much pensions news seems negative these days, with those in the pensions business now regarded by the general public as being as reputable as lawyers or politicians but, for a change, recent news has been more positive.

The figures appear impressive: 1.6 million more savers are in workplace pensions; less than 10% of employees have chosen to opt out (initial estimates had this at 30%).  But we shouldn’t get carried away, according to some pensions “experts” (the usual suspects, the “ It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” naysayers) and it’s true, there is still a long way to go.  Only the biggest companies have started enrolling workers into new workplace pensions since October 2012; medium-sized companies will do so from April 2014, those with fewer than 50 employees in June 2015, with all remaining eligible employees enrolled by2018. 

So what have we learned from the first year?  Read more »

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