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Ian Craig

On Tuesday, we held our final Future Influencers event of the year in our new offices, just off Liverpool Street in London. The event itself is approaching its second anniversary and there was a mix of familiar faces plus those attending for the first time. Despite the Monopoly-themed surroundings, there was no domination of a single entity and we were instead treated to three highly insightful presentations on current pension topics over breakfast.

The Future Influencer events, for those who are unfamiliar with them, aims to bring together up-and-comers within the pensions industry, from a wide range of professions: legal, actuarial, trustees and administration, to name a few. By building networks and sharing insights around our various roles, our hope is that this will lead to more innovative service delivery within the industry. So, without further ado, let’s look at what we discussed: Read more »

Rachel Graham

Having heard quite a lot of positive feedback regarding the Future Influencer events from my colleagues, Spence’s recent event on Thursday 21 May was my opportunity to finally find out what all of the fuss was about! One of Waterloo’s Alice in Wonderland inspired rooms was the venue for the event. From the giant Alice figurine which greeted us at the entrance to the miniature elevator in the corridor; this venue has to be seen to be believed.

Following some delicious sausage and bacon breakfast rolls (I bypassed the healthier option of yoghurt and granola), Spence’s Christopher Shortt kicked off the event presenting on The Power of Automation. Christopher’s detail on the process of automation and issues faced in the short and long term prompted his question to the audience of what the biggest factor scheme’s considering automation have to consider? Of course, it is the cost involved, and Christopher highlighted how the benefit from automation in the long term should certainly outweigh the short term cost involved. Spence’s in-house administration and actuarial automated system, Mantle was then the topic of conversation as the Future Influencers were keen to find out how user friendly the system was to the layman and also how the system could possibly deal with uncertainties such as discretionary pension increases. Click here to view Chris’s presentation. Read more »

Peter Scott

The Future Influencers celebrated its one year anniversary with an event in one of @Waterloo’s Alice in Wonderland inspired rooms. Although the Mad Hatter was unavailable, luckily, we had the next best thing, with Angela taking the role of chairperson. In true future influencers tradition the meeting was attended by a mix of familiar faces from prior events and several new attendees brought along by colleagues to join the discussion for the first time. As one of the first time attenders myself I can attest to the welcoming nature of the group and I look forward to coming along to many more in future. Read more »

Michael Lallali

This was our fourth Future Influencers event and not only did many of the attendees at this event also attend our first, people have helped the events grow and invited their colleagues along. As with earlier events we also continued to welcome new faces from other sources too. It is really pleasing to hear positive comments about these events, with many people commenting that there is nothing else targeted at this level of audience, where we can all come together and broaden our knowledge. This was also the first event following the Future Influencers becoming CPD accredited, recognising the quality of the subjects that have been presented. Read more »

Lauren Jones

After having run two successful Future Influencer breakfasts we thought it would be a good idea to spend a bit more time getting to know each other. So instead of the usual morning affair, with everyone rushing off to a full day at the office, we moved the event to late afternoon.

A touch of excitement was added as guests arrived at the @Waterloo, Alice in Wonderland themed offices, where they were confronted by a statue of a giant white rabbit! The presentations started promptly at 4:30, followed by some well deserved refreshment and catching up with a good mix of old and new faces.   Read more »

Lauren Jones

On Tuesday Last week the Future Influencers came together for our second quarterly event.

The idea behind these events, for those new to the concept, is to bring together ‘up-and-comers’ in the pensions industry and give them an opportunity to learn from various firms as well as start building their own network of professional connections. You can read about our last breakfast here.

The day started off with a chance to catch up with fellow Future Influencers, followed by four, ten minute talks presented by Future Influencers  themselves. Read more »

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