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  • Advice to Trustees

    Trustees are tasked with making the right decisions based on the information and advice they have been given.
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  • Better defined benefit (DB) scheme management

    Spence’s DB scheme management approach is completely changing the way pension schemes are run. By combining use of cutting edge technology with tailored expert advice, Spence gives trustees the confidence to make timely decisions and the efficiencies to provide a superior service to members and greater cost control. Watch our video for more details.
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  • Defined Contribution pension schemes

    Assisting Employers, Trustees and members in the efficient management of their Defined Contribution scheme, ensuring better member outcomes
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  • Pension Scheme Advice to Employers

    Our Corporate advisory service focuses on helping employers understand the risks associated with managing a defined benefit pension scheme and the options open to them to reduce these risks and control scheme costs.
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  • Public Sector, Charity and Not for Profit Pensions Advice

    With so much attention on the benefits provided by pension schemes and their associated cost there has never been a greater need for focused and accessible pension advice.
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  • Scheme Terminations

    The termination of a pension scheme can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The most important aspect is ensuring a fair settlement is secured for the pension scheme members.
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