Our committees

Our committees information

We have a number of committees which advise our management team on issues we feel are important to our staff and the community as a whole.

Diversity and inclusiveness committee

The diversity and inclusiveness committee have three strategic objectives:

  1. Promote a diverse and inclusive culture where colleagues feel respected and valued for their differences.
  2. Develop, support and embed a culture of thought diversity across all levels of the business.
  3. Recruit, retain and develop an empowered and involved workforce that is more representative of the diversity of our communities, our clients and the pension scheme members we support, better enabling us to achieve the best possible outcomes for members.

Environmental and sustainability committee

The organisation’s environmental and sustainability committee are committed to looking at three ways we can consider the environment:

  • Us as individuals – we can think about how we can be more sustainable in how we go about things.
  • Corporate – as a business how we can consider the environment. We have launched e-trusteeship which reduces paperwork and printing of packs for trustee meetings.
  • And the third is asset owners – on the ESG front there is much we can do in terms of asset owners.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee

The aim of the mental health and wellbeing committee is to proactively support our colleagues in maintaining their mental health and wellbeing through the development and maintenance of a support framework that consists of:

  • Creating an environment in which we can talk about our mental health without judgement
  • Making our colleagues aware of the support that is available to them internally and externally when they need it
  • Having staff that are trained to support their colleagues
  • Promotion of activities that assist in a healthy lifestyle for mind and body

This year we recognised Mental Health Awareness week by focusing on 5 steps to mental wellbeing: Paying attention to the present moment, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others and connecting with other people