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Defined benefit scheme funding levels can be subject to significant volatility, which can offer opportunities to ‘lock-in’ positive results. Our key actuarial objectives allow for these opportunities to be exploited by:

  • Developing and implementing a long-term funding strategy to protect the security of members’ benefits while controlling costs.
  • Ensuring the trustees can make more informed decisions on readily available data, such as daily funding information.

We have developed a single online platform, Mantle®, which manages both administration and actuarial calculations. This means we don’t waste time and resources crunching numbers or manipulating data between systems.

Mantle® gives trustees, sponsoring employers and third party advisers access to daily funding and deficit reports based on live scheme data. We provide  this service at no additional cost above the annual administration and actuarial core fee.


The automation provided by our online platform allows our actuaries to focus on understanding your scheme, including the sponsor employer’s business, the scheme risks, the investment strategy and the objectives of the trustee board.

This approach to scheme actuarial support is unique to Spence, and we can apply this flexibly to your scheme’s circumstances.

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