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Given that defined benefit liabilities are included on a company’s balance sheet it is important that these figures are reflective of the relevant accounting standards, market expectations, and the employer's business objectives.

Our corporate team are familiar with all accepted accounting principles (IFRS and relevant GAAP) and all key pension accounting standards, including FRS 102, IAS 19 and ASC 715 and can provide the following services:

  • A ‘compliance only’ service for those with an understanding of the assumptions they want to adopt and clear objectives.
  • Tailored engaged advice to identify the appropriate accounting options to be used with modelling of a variety of outcomes.

If employers have access to our unique software solution Mantle (through the trustees for example) accounting figures are available 24/7 with online employer access to both prior year figures and also projected figures for the current year.  We have a number of clients that use this regularly for quarterly accounting and no longer need to ask for figures from us, saving time and money.

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