Arie Van Limpt


Arie van Limpt has joined Spence and Partners as an Accounting Consultant. He is a seasoned finance professional with a wealth of experience in strategic financial management across various industries. Holding accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Arie’s expertise lies in collaborating with both finance and non-finance professionals to drive business improvement initiatives.

His strengths include adept problem-solving skills and a proven track record of spearheading numerous business enhancement projects.

Throughout his career, Arie has navigated the complexities of finance in diverse sectors including law, public transport, marketing, supply chain, and manufacturing. He thrives in dynamic environments, fostering collaboration to deliver high-quality services to both internal and external stakeholders.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Arie enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly daily walks with his cherished canine companion. An avid sports enthusiast, he plays tennis and relishes leisurely rounds of golf during his downtime.

Arie Van Limpt


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