Martyn Phillips


Martyn Phillips has joined Spence and Partners as Head of Risk Transfer. He has extensive experience in senior-level roles within the insurance sector, particularly focusing on bulk annuity transactions. He is dedicated to assisting Trustees and scheme sponsors in devising and implementing robust risk transfer strategies.

With over 15 years of specialisation in the pension risk transfer marketplace, Martyn has cultivated strong relationships with bulk annuity insurers and consolidators. As he joins Spence, Martyn is tasked with bolstering the firm’s presence and capabilities in the risk transfer market.

Throughout Martyn’s career, he has been pivotal in leading Bulk Annuity teams and spearheading the development of innovative solutions. His expertise span across a wide spectrum of transactions, encompassing residual risks, longevity swaps, and the conversion of longevity swap to a buy-in. His portfolio boasts involvement in over 50 transactions, collectively covering well in excess of £20 billion of pension scheme liabilities, ranging from smaller schemes to those exceeding £1 million.

Martyn Phillips


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