Our services to
We put members at the forefront of our customer service through engaging communications, faster response times and technology designed to make life easy.

Member focused service

We believe that members should receive the same standard of service from their pension scheme as they would with any other savings or investment products.

Pensions connected

Our complete range of communication channels means that members can connect with their pension in the way that suits them best:

  • On the go using our pensions app.
  • On the phone through our dedicated telephone service.
  • Using email or by post.

We use clear and concise language, avoiding pensions jargon and offer great customer service with fast response times to member queries.

"The Spence staff were very professional and explained and answered all queries simply and covered them until I had a full understanding." Member feedback

Our team

Our dedicated team of pensions professionals are committed to delivering excellent customer service to our members. We never lose sight of the fact that the business of looking after members’ pensions is all about being trusted with people’s future livelihoods. We take that trust seriously and believe that members should receive the same standard of service from their pension scheme as they would with any other investment product.

We treat members as people first and foremost and provide clear, timely, accurate and engaging information to help them make the decisions that are right for their future.

"I’m staggered with the efficiency – the data arrived in the post 5 minutes ago" Member feedback

My Pocket Pension

A new way to engage with members.

My Pocket Pension is a new app based benefits portal powered by Mantle, the industry leading administration and bundled valuation platform. 

How does it work? Scheme rules and member benefit data are loaded onto Mantle. This allows us to generate benefits with a high degree of accuracy across a range of ages. Real time transfer values can also be supported. All this data is then available to members on their smartphone using the My Pocket Pension app.

"Any information, forecasts, queries I made were addressed quickly efficiently and professionally – Could not be improved upon. Excellent service.” Member feedback

Are you a member of a pension scheme in PPF assessment?

We provide administration services for schemes which have entered the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) assessment period. We write to all members at their home addresses to explain the process and provide details of how to contact us, including access to our online member portal.

  • Contact us if you need further information.
  • You can find out more about the PPF on their website.

Manage your pension

There are a number of different ways members can contact us to discuss their pension.