Modern administration service using technology to enhance member experience, ensure accuracy, and provide flexibility via the “My Pocket Pension” app

Streamlined administration

Your members have access to more flexibility and are increasingly demanding.

You want a modern administration service that leverages technology and lifts Defined Benefit Administration and member servicing up to 21st century standards.

By combining great people and smart technology we deliver a best-in-class member administration experience.

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Innovation driving member satisfaction

Your members will get the information they need when, and how they want it. Over the phone, in writing or using our revolutionary smartphone app, My Pocket Pension.

All benefit and transfer value calculations are fully automated and real time, providing a modern digital experience.

Members contact a dedicated team of experienced administrators that know the intricacies of the Plan benefits enabling them to provide a gold standard service.

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Fully automated benefit solutions

We have never found a benefit we cannot fully code and automate. From the outset we will code 100% of your benefit calculations.

Best Experience

By combining great people and smart technology we deliver a best-in-class member experience.

Core Accessibility

At the heart of this is a responsive accurate service which members can access in writing, on the phone or via our new smartphone app, My Pocket Pension.

Accurate Benefit Communication

Our award-winning phone app, ‘’My Pocket Pension’’, was designed to deliver accurate benefit information in a way members can understand. The web version also delivers to these requirements.


Embracing self-service engagement

Future of member interaction

We believe that making it easy for members to self-serve will become increasingly important over the coming years. If it is easier to make a change online than in writing or over the phone, then that is what people will do.

The app has been designed with this in mind. The phone app offers the sort of functionality people expect from a modern financial product. We understand that not everyone will want to use their phone to engage, which is why we offer the full range of alternatives rather than making members engage with us in a particular manner.

My Pocket Pension offers

1. Live transfer values, refreshed daily

2. Personalised scenarios (i.e., retirement at 55, 56 etc.)

3. Message the administrator

4. All Scheme documents hosted

5. SMS messaging/push notifications

Members can also interact with their pension through a bespoke web-based portal with similar functionality.

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