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Better investment decisions

Pensions investing is becoming increasingly complex.  The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed a review of investment consultants. The Gilts crisis led to the recently announced Regulator’s increased reporting requirements around Liability Driven Investment (“LDI”). The 2023 Mansion House Speech encouraged pension scheme investment in UK Plc and more illiquid asset classes. As a result, the trustee need for investment support has never been greater.

Each trustee body has different needs and skill sets, and as such different investment governance models are suitable for them.

Here at Spence, we offer support with several of those models. Whether it is a traditional investment consulting model or implemented consulting where we can quickly and efficiently implement trustee investment decisions. We also offer support around selecting and monitoring a fiduciary investment manager.

We can support you
Investment Services

What we can offer you:

We offer a wide range of investment services, some of which are as follows

Trustee meeting attendance

Preparation for and attendance at Trustee meetings, providing expert guidance and support.

Investment strategy review

Journey planning, trigger monitoring and implementation.

Sustainable investment

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) support. Integrating ESG factors into your investment process.

Day-to-day investment support

Cashflow and re-balancing advice. Monitoring and maintaining the Statement of Investment Principles. Support in meeting legislative compliance.

Investment selection

Manager research, monitoring and selection. Providing the best fit for your investment goals.

Asset transitions

Facilitating seamless changes in your asset allocation.

LDI support

Including collateral management and monitoring.

Performance monitoring

Regular reviews to ensure your investments are on track.

Benefits of an investment platform

Particularly popular with our clients is the use of an investment platform, which functions similarly to a fund supermarket. Using this
platform means our clients benefit from discounts on underlying manager fees due to bulk purchasing power.
It also facilitates smoother asset transitions with robust processes for managing collateral for LDI. Using an investment platform helps address the Regulator’s concerns about LDI.

Technology and experience

We provide bespoke support to all trustee bodies no matter what the size of scheme.

The technology we offer is usually only accessible to larger schemes and at a significant cost. We can then focus our time and your spend on the issues that matter to you. This could be it is monitoring your funding position accurately to take advantage of market conditions by de-risking or carrying out detailed asset liability modelling to set your strategy.

Our integrated service ensures the same data is used by both your administrator and actuary. For example, the cashflows used for setting up hedging strategies are already utilised for actuarial valuations. This ensures seamless and efficient processes as data does not need to be passed across to different systems.

Enhance your pension investments with Spence

By choosing Spence, you gain access to the expertise of a seasoned investment consultant in a cost-effective manner. Our technology-driven approach allows our consultants to focus on adding value to your investment decisions, ensuring you receive the highest level of service and
support at a low cost.

Contact us today to learn how Spence can empower you to make better investment decisions for your pension scheme.

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