Actuaries in Northern Ireland left out of Actuarial Profession Merger Proposals

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As a firm including Northern Ireland actuaries we surely be justified for feeling left out in the cold again by the new Joint Proposal to merge the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and the Institute of Actuaries.

If the proposals are accepted a Scottish constituency will be created primarily for actuaries in Scotland (which we have a very defintite interest in too!), as will a Scottish Board to promote the Actuarial Profession in Scotland.  The Scottish Board will be able to draw on a £500,000 endowment.

Despite Northern Ireland having a government to which power is devolved to a much greater extent than in Scotland it receives relatively little attention from the Actuarial Profession.  I am not aware that there is any contact to speak of between the Actuarial Profession and the main political parties and there have been instances of problems with Northern Ireland legislation not being subject to some of the scrutiny that it might have been.

It is disappointing but not altogether surprising to see nothing in the revised merger proposals to address this.

Brian Spence is a founder of actuaries Spence & Partners Limited and a director of independent trustee Dalriada Trustees Limited.  You can follow him at @briandspence or @PensionsEndgame on Twitter or link to him on LinkedIn.

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