Longevity swap update - part 2

Blog 07 Dec 2009 By
Jagger & Associates excellent Investment Bulletin on longevity swaps continues with part 2.

Previously posted part 1 can be found here.

If you would like to consider this option or review any of your investment options contact Jagger & Associates, Actuaries & Investment Consultants on 0161 873 9350 or email enquiries@jaggerandassociates.co.uk.

Brian Spence is a founder of actuaries Spence & Partners Limited and a director of independent trustee Dalriada Trustees Limited.  You can follow him at @briandspence or @PensionsEndgame on Twitter or link to him on LinkedIn.  Dalriada provides professional trustee services and Spence & Partners can provide support to employers in appointing an independent trustee.  Brian has written a series of articles on appointing an independent trustee.

Follow @SpencePartners and @DalriadaTrustee on Twitter.

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