Pensions Administration Costs

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Pension scheme trustees, even most professional trustees tend to concentrate on the “big” issues like investment, the actuarial funding position of the scheme and the employer convenant.  This is right and proper but the attention given to pensions administration may suffer as a consequence.  Relative to actuarial swings and roundabouts pensions administration costs are small.

Nevertheless the cost of administration and achieving compliance with more and more onerous regulations is an area where trustees do need to ensure that they are getting value for money.

We have had a lot of hits on our website for a simple pension administration cost calculator devised by Sean Browes which allows trustees or employers to benchmark pensions administration costs.

Brian Spence is a founder of actuaries Spence & Partners Limited and a director of independent trustee Dalriada Trustees Limited.  You can follow him at @briandspence or @PensionsEndgame on Twitter or link to him on LinkedIn.

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