The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Pension Schemes

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What if we could have access to any piece of pensions legislation or other reference material available to us any time, any place, in a client’s office, working from home in the evening. Well we have been using Pendragon Perspective served as a remote application in the cloud.

What if our actuaries, consultants and trustee representatives could have secure access to pension scheme data, from a client’s premises or anywhere else. Queries about specific members can be answered and where calculation routines have been programmed illustrations can be provided on the spot. We are using P3 again served as a remote application.

What if we could avoid ever having sensitive personal data on a notebook computer, memory stick or anything else that can be left on the train? By holding data on secure servers with multiple back-up mechanisms and running client applications like P3 in the cloud we have this too.

What if all time spent on pensions projects was recorded and available in real time to our client managers and clients wherever they are allowing them to monitor milestones being reached in projects and the fees incurred against budget. Using our own in-house tool Spence Workflow delivered again as a remote application as this too is available over the cloud.

Pretty cool when you think about it!

Not all administrators make the best use of technology. If you are interested in how we have applied cloud computing to pensions administration and how this can benefit pension scheme trustees, members and employers please contact Brian Spence or Mike Selby.

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