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Our trustee solutions

Our approach to trustee services is simply smarter. We combine market leading technology with great customer service to deliver better outcomes for your scheme and your members.

Transparent and efficient

We’ve developed a totally unique cloud-based platform that allows all scheme services to be provided in a fully integrated way covering administration, actuarial, investment and member engagement.

Everyone uses the same system, so you see what we see. Information is always up-to-date and there’s no need to transfer data between systems, meaning reduced risk of data breaches. System updates for bespoke requirements are also more straightforward.

You can monitor our service standards and workflow online 24/7 to ensure your scheme is running efficiently.

People focused

Our dedicated team of pensions professionals are committed to delivering excellent customer service to our clients and their members. We never lose sight of the fact that the business of looking after members’ pensions is all about being trusted with people’s future livelihoods. We take that trust seriously and believe that members should receive the same standard of service from their pension scheme as they would with any other investment product.

We treat members as people first and foremost and provide clear, timely, accurate and engaging information to help them make the decisions that are right for their future.

‘Real time’ accuracy

Our smart technology puts you and your members in control. Accurate information is always at your fingertips in 'real time' so you can take decisions based on the latest position resulting in better governance and improved outcomes.

Instant access to your scheme’s funding position, membership data and workflow is complimented by full online member access to key information.

Flexible and cost effective

Run your scheme, your way! Plan ‘what if’ scenarios and consider future options based on ‘real time’ data.

Our smart automated ‘real time’ calculations make member communications exercises easier to run and deliver higher levels of member engagement.

Integrating all scheme functions on a single platform allows us to offer a range of services in our core fees that would normally be considered ‘non-standard’.

Better Technology

Our approach is underpinned by our unique software, Mantle®, which manages all scheme functions from a single platform. This allows for true automation and the flexibility to quickly address any industry or scheme changes.

See what our award-winning scheme management software could do for your scheme.

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Our Services for trustees


An end to uncertainty and a focus on advice, service and value.


We use technology to make people's lives easier and to help our expert administrators deliver great service.


Governance is at the heart of efficient scheme management and informed decision making.


Using cutting-edge technology, we deliver a new level of cost and risk-reducing efficiencies to all schemes, no matter their size.

PPF assessment

We are on the Specialist Administration and Actuarial Services Panel, who assist pension schemes during the assessment period for entry to the PPF.

Risk transfer

We can help develop a journey plan to guide your scheme to this ultimate end-point in the most efficient manner.

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