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Defined benefit scheme funding levels can be subject to significant volatility, which can offer opportunities to ‘lock-in’ positive results

A focus on advice, service and value

Ensuring you get the most from your actuary is a key element in making sure your scheme runs efficiently. We designed our approach around minimising the amount of time our highly skilled actuaries do ‘number crunching’ and maximising the amount of time they spend considering what are the best solutions for your scheme and helping you implement them.

We have harnessed technology to put all the figures your actuary is likely to need at their fingertips all of the time to allow them to provide better advice, ensuring trustees can make more informed decisions and achieve improved outcomes for the scheme and its members.

Real time actuarial calculations

Our online platform, Mantle® allows all of the scheme actuarial calculations to run off the latest member data giving your actuary access to real time information all of the time. Our approach is:

  • Accurate – ‘cloud’ based system means you always see the most up-to-date picture and take decisions based on the latest position. No need to waste finite resources transferring data between systems and dealing with multiple systems.
  • Transparent – as services are integrated, information is available to all stakeholders whenever and wherever they need it. This provides real push-of-a button servicing with the ability for everyone to view exactly what they need.
  • Cost effective – our single online platform means we can offer a greater range of services within our core fee, including some that would normally be considered ‘non-standard’.

Unique automated platform

The automation provided by our online platform allows our actuaries to focus on understanding your scheme, including the sponsoring employer’s business, the scheme risks, the investment strategy and the objectives of the trustee board.

This approach to scheme actuarial support is unique to Spence, and we can apply this flexibly to your scheme’s circumstances.

Manually creating an appropriate dataset can use between 40% and 70% of the cost of a set of actuarial calculations.

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We use technology to make people's lives easier and to help our expert administrators deliver great service.


Governance is at the heart of efficient scheme management and informed decision making.


Using cutting-edge technology, we deliver a new level of cost and risk-reducing efficiencies to all schemes, no matter their size.

PPF assessment

We are on the Specialist Administration and Actuarial Services Panel, who assist pension schemes during the assessment period for entry to the PPF.

Risk transfer

We can help develop a journey plan to guide your scheme to this ultimate end-point in the most efficient manner.

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