Move towards Pensions Endgame gathers pace

David Davison

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With the announcement this week that Barclays is abandoning final salary pension provision for its staff following hot on the heels of the decision taken by BP not to offer this option to new staff we really are beginning to witness the end of DB pension provision in the UK.

We’ve also recently witnessed Rentokil, WH Smith and Fujitsu all taking similar decisions and BT announcing fundamental changes to their benefit structure. Interestingly BP shareholders simply did not want to continue support for the scheme which is not at all surprising given the level of risk exposure and its transparency in the companies financials.

These issues are even starker for small employers and we’re witnessing and even quicker pace of change in that sector. If you find yourself in this position why not visit our Pensions Endgame section to see what options are available to you.

David Davison

Post by David Davison

Specialist consultant on pensions strategy for corporate, public sector and not for profit employers