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Our defined contribution advisory practice delivers better member outcomes.

Better member outcomes

The pace of change for UK defined contribution (DC) pension schemes in recent years has been unrelenting, with more freedom and choice for individuals and greater responsibility for employers and trustees.

At Spence, we believe the selection of a DC pension scheme should not be a one-off exercise. Regular reviews will ensure better outcomes and value for money for members, sponsors and trustees.

Our defined contribution advisory practice delivers better member outcomes by working with both employers and trustees to ensure their DC arrangement (whether own-trust, master trust or contract-based) offers value to all stakeholders.

DC health check

  • Strategic review of existing arrangements.
  • Review of overall compliance with regulations to ensure the highest levels of governance for employers and trustees.
  • Assessment of communications, investment strategy, charges and value for money.
  • Provider recommendations, where required.

New scheme implementation

  • Contribution and investment strategy design.
  • Procurement and ongoing management of schemes.

DB to DC conversion

  • Scheme design with contribution and outcome modelling.
  • Design and delivery of clear and engaging member communications in various formats, helping to maximise engagement and understanding to ensure better outcomes.

Winding-up existing DC scheme

  • A cost-effective solution for many companies and trustees who run their own trust-based occupational DC pension scheme is to switch to a modern alternative. We have significant expertise in efficiently closing and winding-up old pension schemes.

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