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Operating a defined benefit scheme entails risk which employers need to manage. Corporate circumstances can also mean that the employer may have different objectives from those of the trustees in certain areas.

Our Corporate Advisory Practice focuses on providing employers with advice based on their perspective. We aim to help the employer better understand the risks and costs associated with running a pension scheme and the options available to manage and control these.

Professional pensions advice

There are a number of areas where the employer can use professional pensions advice and insight to shape a future suitable for their circumstances, and for the trustees and members:

  • Understanding how your pension responsibilities impact upon your wider corporate strategy.
  • Supporting the employer in successfully negotiating sustainable funding and cost levels with the trustee.
  • Identifying suitable ‘liability management’ exercises to reduce cost, risk and volatility.
  • Supporting with scheme design, scheme restructure and stakeholder communication.

Our suite of modelling tools and real-time valuation software can enhance understanding and lead to improved outcomes.

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Liability Management

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Pension accounting

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Distressed employers have a number of options when it comes to their defined benefit pension obligations.

Defined Contribution Schemes

Our defined contribution advisory practice delivers better member outcomes

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