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Susan McFarlane

After three years of debating its future, and today’s “no” result, one thing is clear for Scotland.  The independence debate has reaffirmed that the issue of pensions is at the front and centre of UK politics.  People care deeply about pensions and are keen to ensure savings are encouraged and that the safety net of the state pension is protected.

We wait with interest for further details on the new powers that will transfer to the Scottish parliament. Even in light of the Scottish people deciding to stay in the United Kingdom, these new powers could still have a significant impact on the pensions landscape of Scotland – and the UK.  We encourage industry bodies and pensions professionals to continue to make positive contributions to future policy and debates.  This will help the gradual rebuilding of public confidence in the savings and pensions industry that has been started by the onset of automatic-enrolment and the changes announced in the 2014 budget.

2014 has been an exciting year for pensions and 2015 promises more of the same. “Freedoms”, but perhaps not in the way some in Scotland were hoping for…

David Davison

As part of the Scottish Independence debate the issues of regional life expectancy and the pensioner dependency ratio have become something of a political football.  It is certainly difficult to remember points which have previously been regarded as niche topics which academics and politicians have become quite so exercised about.

Having carried out some research, the first interesting fact is that Scottish mortality rates were not always higher than their counterparts in the rest of the UK (rUK). Up until the 1950’s, Scottish life expectancy was broadly on a par with the rest of the UK.  However, from that point, rates in Scotland improved more slowly. Whilst there is no definitive explanation, the cause has generally been attributed to increased levels of deprivation until the 1980’s. Read more »

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