Your Quarterly Pensions Update

by Andrew Kerrin   •  
The first three quarters of 2017 truly flew by, with only two thirds of 2017’s last quarter left to go too.  We never do things by halves, and we have kept a close eye throughout the whole of the last quarter, to bring you the hottest topics in the pensions industry, divided up into bite size pieces. Well, I’m going to stop the fraction puns, before I get hung, drawn and quartered… click here to download and enjoy your Quarterly Update! As ever, our latest report details market movements over the 3 month period to 30 September 2017, and how this impacts the key financial assumptions required for determining pension liabilities. The seasonal topics of this quarter include:
  • GDPR compliance
  • Latest news from the PPF
  • Advice vs. guidance
  • Achieving value from your investment consultants
  • Scheme specific data
  • State Pension Age increase
  • VAT
  • Scottish Rate of Income Tax
To download this report click here. As always we love to get feedback from you. If you like what we do please tell us, it’s nice to get great feedback. If you would like things included, excluded or done differently please drop us a line. The report is to help you so help us tailor it to your needs. And … if you find that you do have time to keep up with things why not follow us on twitter @SpencePartners and keep up to date as you go along.

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